About Nigel

Nigel has specialised as a Business Psychologist and has more thanĀ 20 years experience providing leading consulting services to companies in the UK and internationally (including Aviva, BBC, Nokia, UBS and numerous Government Departments). His career to date has included extensive consulting, training, research and coaching roles working at senior levels.

He is a recognised expert in psychometrics, covering both training and practice. He holds the highest Occupational Test Registration issued by the British Psychological Society (BPS), and is an Executive Board member of the Psychological Test Centre, which governs test standards. He is continuously involved with the delivery of assessment/development processes and executive events, which include the novel design of exercises and use of modern tools to simulate job performance.

Having conducted assignments in overĀ 35 countries, Nigel enjoys experiencing different national culture and cuisine when travelling for business or pleasure. At home in the Cotswolds he relaxes by entertaining his young family and running an artisan brewery.

Nigel is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist by the BPS. He holds a Masters in Organizational Psychology (University of Bristol), and Bachelors in Psychology (University of Hull).

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